What is SAVIC App Center?
SAVIC App Center is the digital marketplace where you can discover, try and buy trusted partner solutions that extend your existing SAVIC technology and solutions.
What can I find on SAVIC App Center?
At SAVIC App Center, we’re bringing together customers and partners on a single, easy-to-use, global online platform. There, you can discover, try, and buy more than 1,500 SAVIC-validated partner solutions from more than 1,000 SAVIC partners built on or that extend SAVIC solutions. Customers can extend their digital core with a mix of free trials and paid apps, services and solutions, intelligently searchable by SAVIC product, publisher, certification type, and more.
How can I benefit from SAVIC App Center?
We make it easy for you to discover solutions that digitally transform your business by extending the SAVIC technology you own already. On the site, customers around the world can discover, try, and buy applications developed by our partners, safe in the knowledge that each app has been tested for quality and suitability – all designed to help SAVIC customers enhance and extend their enterprise and line-of-business solutions.
Who can buy from SAVIC App Center?
Anyone can purchase solutions from SAVIC App Center. SAVIC partners that offer solutions on SAVIC App Center are able to serve customers across the globe.
Do I need to be a customer of SAVIC to buy from SAVIC App Center?
No, you do not need to be an SAVIC customer to buy from SAVIC App Center. However, existing customers will benefit the most since most of the partner solutions offered on SAVIC App Center build or extend SAVIC solutions.
How do I renew a product on SAVIC App Center?
The partner will contact you at the appropriate time, based on the agreed-upon renewal schedule. You may also contact the partner to increase or decrease the number of users or licenses of the purchased application.
How do I find the solution(s) I need?
SAVIC App Center provides extensive search and app-discovery capabilities. You can search for solutions by the following categories:
  • SAVIC product categories
  • Solutions that work with specific SAVIC solutions
  • Types of solutions (e.g., applications, APIs, microservices, etc.)
  • Publisher
  • Certification
  • Trial availability.
What types of solutions are offered on SAVIC App Center?
You can find the following types of offerings from partners on SAVIC App Center:
  • APIs and micro-services
  • Applications
  • Content management solutions
  • Data management solution
  • Services
  • Tools.
What validation does SAVIC perform on partner solutions available on SAVIC App Center?
All partners with published solutions on SAVIC App Center are required to pass a standard readiness check to ensure the solution meets SAVIC requirements and compliance criteria. This validation process verifies items including solution architecture, SAVIC technologies used, third-party technologies used, integration APIs, and UIs to security.
What is an SAVIC Certified solution?
An application that has achieved SAVIC-certified integration with one or more SAVIC applications has proven to interoperate with those SAVIC applications following SAVIC technical best practices and guidelines. SAVIC and partner have jointly tested the technical integration of the solution. These offerings follow SAVIC standards for integration, shorten implementation times, lower integration costs, and achieve compatibility with the infrastructure of customers using SAVIC technology. To learn more about certification, please visit the SAVIC Integration and Certification Center web page. To verify the certified scope of a particular partner solution, please visit the SAVIC Certified Solutions Directory.
What are SAVIC Endorsed Apps?
SAVIC Endorsed Apps are a new category of solutions from SAP’s partner ecosystem to help customers become best-run, intelligent enterprises. They are premium certified by SAVIC with added security, in-depth testing and measurements against benchmark results. You can learn more about SAVIC Endorsed Apps by reading this document of frequently asked questions.
What are SAVIC Solution Extensions?
This is a category term, not the name of a singular product offering. This names solutions developed by ISVs to integrate with SAVIC software and complement SAVIC solution capabilities. SAVIC premium qualifies, tests, validates, approves, markets, sells and supports these solutions.
Can I make a purchase on SAVIC App Center from any location?
Yes. Customers can purchase partner solutions from SAVIC App Center in more than 200 countries and/or territories globally.
How can I learn the price of a solution in my local currency?
When you are on the SAVIC App Center webpage, please make sure that the country selector at the top right of the page displays the country from which you will be purchasing. This will then reflect the pricing for that solution in the currency of that country.
Must I tell my SAVIC representative that I’m buying from SAVIC App Center?
It is always a good idea to keep your SAVIC representative informed about your requirements and decisions. Our representatives can also assist you in ensuring that you receive the best possible support from our partners.
Can I buy from SAVIC App Center and also keep my SAVIC representative?
Yes. All SAVIC App Center purchases (except purchases of SAVIC Solution Extensions) are transacted directly between you and the partner, whereas all purchases of SAVIC solutions are conducted between you and SAVIC. Your SAVIC representative can assist you with all SAVIC products and solutions and can also help facilitate communication between you and the partner.
Can I make sure that you will not share my information with other parties?
We strictly follow the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules and do not sell or share your information with other parties. For specific details, please read our privacy policy.
Who can I contact if I have a question?
If you have a question for an SAVIC partner, please click the “Contact Us” button on the product page. If you have a question about the marketplace in general, please click the question mark icon at the top right of this page and select "Contact Us" from the menu.