What is SAVIC App Store?

SAVIC App Store is an enterprise marketplace where we bring customers and our partners together on a single, easy-to-use, global online platform. Here, customers can discover, try, and buy SAVIC-validated partner applications those are built on or extend their existing SAP/Non-SAP technology solutions. For partners, it's the place to market effectively and deliver their apps, solutions, add-ins, and integration kits to SAVIC's global customers to help further grow their business.

App Store Intro

A single marketplace

SAVIC App Store is a single technology marketplace. Customers have 24/7 global, real-time access to technology solutions with detailed product information and pricing. SAVIC App Store makes it easy to findout available solutions to meet specific needs and have fruitful discussion with partner. It's the place where customers can easily discover solutions that digitally transform their business by extending their ERP solution.

What's in it for me?


For Customers

Address business challenges by simple Technology solution
Find a wide variety of solutions from SAVIC and their established partners to innovative startups, designed to help simplify your business process.
Explore simple solutions
Connecting dots... leverage these simple and easy applications with low maintenance cost and with increased ROI
Adapt solutions from trusted partners
All available solutions have validated by SAVIC to ensure they address common industry challenges.
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For Partners

Reach more customers
Get more value out of your SAVIC partnership by transacting on SAVIC App Store.
Go digital and innovate more
Manage all your opportunities, innovate more solution by exploring existing solutions across industries
Market and deliver your application
A great marketplace to display your products and sell online. Opportunity to learn better customer experience and helps make your application more robust.
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Features and benefits?


Key Features

Get access to huge pool of Enterprise Business Apps
Most of apps run on cloud, no specific hardware infrastructure is required
99.99% of virtual machine and network availability on Cloud based apps
Minimal or low end user training
Supports on both ios and Android platforms


Better control on end to-end business process
Bring simple and robust solutions with minimal/low cost
Minimize manual intervention and reduced errors
Further streamline the business process
Leverage and utilize apps for free in trail period


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