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Product Description

Discover the latest technology solutions for ticketing system. This POS software is so much more than a ticketing POS. Ticketing system is an efficient and effective solution that connects you to your customers. Electronic tickets can be downloaded by spectators. With Ticketing system , you can manage your ticketing and attraction bookings centrally and reduce queues, increase visitation, increase profit margins, and increase visibility of your business by just scanning the tickets with QR codes.

Handles single as well as Multi-site Desktop POS. Robust , rigid and User-friendly billing system with real-time data. Memberships and gift vouchers that can be customized. Increase your revenue through new channels. Cut down on repetitive tasks by automating the process of ticket assignment, and free up your time to solve complex customer issues.

The way it works

  • The ticketing system provides seamless customer service.
  • Safe and seamless payment processing optimize your checkout process and watch the bookings pour in.
  • Easily create as many custom schedules and pricing variations as needed for your business.
  • Pre-booking, as well as ticketing functionality, will be beneficial in avoiding long queues at your entry points.

How will this benefit your?

  • Intelligent automations
  • Seamless self-service
  • Omnichannel support
  • Scan your tickets through our apps
  • Instant payment processing for your bookings
  • Increase your revenue through new channels

The Features of Ticketing System that will benefit your company

Membership Module

Memberships require multiple options and flexibility. SAVIC not only offers this but also includes variations across level of access

Offers / Discounts

A special Offer / Discount is a marketing term that refers to a unique opportunity for customers to save money or receive a special benefit, product, or service


Up-sell to your customers before they even arrive, with our add-on functionality allowing you to personalise and sell VIP passes, vouchers, food and beverage packages and merchandise within the booking process.

Mobile Compatibility

We can build with responsive technology which means it will adjust depending on the device
being used.

Packages / Combo Deals

Create structured packages such as Entry, Food and Merchandise to effortlessly manage reservations and capacity

Booking Agents (B2B) Website

Better user experience and easy navigation admin can View and Approve/Reject Quotations/Inquiries, improved analytics with the specific timeframe

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Ticketing System

Helps improvise relationship with customers in the digital Age. Keep your customers updated with order notifications, shipping alerts, product demonstration videos


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