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Product Description

Storage/Warehouse locations release more units of goods to customers, production, subcontracting, or in any other way almost one or two days a week. Keeping track of each item and its quantity in ERP takes a great deal of time. Boost productivity by allowing employees to register invoices on-site, for example in a warehouse. Mobile devices allow them to check the status of the goods being received in the warehouse.

The app minimizes the need for data input and displays fewer fields than a typical SAP transaction does. The app can be deployed to all types of devices (phones, tablets) including smartphones. We can also go for On/Off mode and use SAP REST API functionality in order to execute this task. During a field trip or in the warehouse, your personnel will have the ability to take a tablet or phone.

The way it works

  • Flexible, easy analytics right at your fingertips.
  • Simplifies your process while reducing time and resources spent on operations.
  • Your pending purchase orders can be tracked by on-site personnel.

How will your organization benefit from Scan Goods Issue ?

  • Provides reference documents at your fingertips.
  • Detect and support materials configured for batch management or valuation type.
  • Optimized for mobile with support for barcode scanning.
  • Flexible and competitive pricing. Quickly and easily choose any of the components (GST, e-WayBill, e-invoicing).
  • Apps are very easy to use and can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, and the web.

The Features of WhatsApp that will benefit your company

Goods Issue (GI)

You can open the app with login pin or Biometric (Thumb). Just scan the QR code which consists of, Material, Quantity and Unit of measure.

No Additional Cost

Normally QR Code reader/ RF Gun costs good amount of money and need more devices depending on the size of warehouse or volume or moving goods and these are exepensive too.

Quicker and Faster

Noting down entry of goods manually at warehouse/storage location takes huge amount of time. It makes trucks waiting for longer hours outside the gate.

Apps Easy To Use

SAVIC App Center provides partner apps and services that extend the value of SAVIC Travel and Expenses solution. Mobile Apps are very easy to use can be accessed from mobile, Tablet and Web.

Key Benefits

No need to purchase any specific Device other than smartphone, Clerks smartphone is enough to push the App, App can be deployed to multiple devices(phones/tablet), Can go for On & Off mode, Uses SAP REST API functionality to do this activity.


Quickly can be deployed in 20-24 days
Flexible and competitive pricing
Easy to choose either of the components (GST, e-WayBill, e-invoicing).

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Scan Post GI

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