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Product Description

The Smart Productivity & Efficiency Analytics measure output achieved by businesses per unit of time, helping you keep track of machine-wise production. With Smart Productivity and Efficiency Analytics, businesses can measure and keep track of their machine-wise output per unit of labor.

Intelligent Productivity & Efficiency Analytics shows businesses how much output they achieve per hour of labor and monitors machine-wise production. It also improves productivity and efficiency at several levels in the production process. Smart analytics for productivity and efficiency allows efficient processes in production, maintenance and quality assurance.

The way it works

  • These dashboards enable managers to see how efficient their production lines are and can alert them if there is a problem. Operators can get real-time feedback about how effectively their machine is functioning.
  • Using smart productivity and efficient analytics , you receive real-time feedback on quantities, times, and failures, enabling you to operate such an intelligent ERP on an exception-based basis.

How will your organization benefit from Smart Product & Efficiency Analytics?

  • Efficiency Analytics monitors the efficiency and capacity of the production process and helps to understand how inputs translate into value-added outputs.
  • Optimizes your use of the available resources and reduces equipment downtime and unproductive time to a minimum.
  • Comparing Target and Actual production over time provides companies with insight into optimization of their production process.
  • Analyzing the growth of production over time as well as production achievement.In turn,this prevents downtimes and errors and makes it easier to respond when they arise.

The Features of Smart Product & Efficiency Analytics that will benefit your company

Achieve Increased Productivity

Business Productivity Analytics helps in understanding the Production Quantity and Productivity.

Production Attainment

Business Productivity Analytics helps in Analyzing the Overall Business production levels over a specific time period and shows percentage of production achieved.

Production Growth

Analyze the Production growth over a period of time and Production achievement.

Better Analysis

Efficiency Analytics monitors efficiency and capacity of the production process and helps in understanding how inputs are translated into valued outputs

Target vs Actual

Compares both Target and Actual production over a period of time and allows companies to monitor efficiency in the production process.

Machine Capacity Analysis

Efficiency Analytics compares previous year Capacity vs Current year capacity of every machines. this helps in detailed level analysis of machines efficiency.

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Smart Product & Efficiency Analytics

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