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Product Description

Detailed production information is available to senior executives in order to forecast and plan production. Production managers and operators have real-time access to this information so that they can monitor production performance and be alerted to issues, and these dashboards provide real-time feedback of operation levels for machinery.

The Material Management Package delivers analytics solutions for KPIs related to Material Management, i.e an inventory aging report, material purchase and waste analysis, and maintenance reports.Loss and loss percentages are displayed through Grinding loss analytics, enabling you to better understand the potential risks involved.

The way it works

  • Your data will provide you smart insights to better understand your business. Optimize your products and processes in order to reduce the cost of your purchases.A secure platform that will allow you to analyze charts with progress, to make faster decisions, and to share data in a fast, self-serve manner.
  • Utilize Productivity growth to calculate the real amount of income needed to meet your obligations to customers, suppliers, and employees. To boost your performance, detect anomalies, and take remedial actions, identify the key influencers and relationships in your data.

How will your organization benefit from Material Grinding Analytics?

  • The use of real-time analytics allows businesses to react without delay.The chart compares the previous year’s grinding losses and loss percentage to the current year’s losses.
  • The loss percentage can be analyzed with plant and machine level detail.Materials Grinding Analytics allows us to monitor machine grinding raw material for day by day and month by month.
  • Analysis of productivity growth can be used to minimize the amount of real income that is required to meet obligations to customers, suppliers,etc.

The Features of Material Grinding Analytics that will benefit your company

Grinding Analysis

Material Grinding Analytics helps us to keep the track of machine grinding raw Material for Day and Month Wise.


Material Grinding Analytics monitors the Daily Achivement and Monthly Achivement of machines.

Production Details

Detailed level of analysis of Planned production vs Actual Production of every machinery over a period of time. Analyze the the year-on-year, quarter-on-quarter and month-on-month Production Quantity.

Data Grinding Analytics

The Grinding Loss Analytics helps to keep the track of total Input and output produce and while producing how much goods have been lost.


Grinding loss Analytics monitors Loss and Loss percentage and ultimately lets you to understand the potential risks involved.

Grinding loss Analysis

Compares previous year grinding loss and loss percentage with current year. Analyzing the loss percentage with plant wise and machine wise gives you the detailed level of analysis.

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Auto Grinding

Auto Grinding

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