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Product Description

This Analytics allows you to make real-time decisions based on facts and data. Using this Analytics, you can interpret large amounts of data and make fact-based decisions in real time. The executive dashboard, also called a strategic dashboard, uses real-time data and a graphical interface. It can be used to develop a big picture view of the organization by measuring critical metrics, identifying opportunities for expansion, and identifying areas where improvements are needed.

Forecasting Production Plan Failures Production planners and executioners can simulate in real-time, how potential requirements, production, and capacity adjustments would affect the overall delivery performance.

The way it works

  • Analyzes revenue, cash flows, and debt/equity to determine if a business or project is viable, stable, and profitable. Measure the growth of body weight from year-to-year, quarter-to-quarter, and month-to-month.
  • Additionally, it compares Weight Growth between two fiscal periods to aid managers in making informed decisions. Analysis should include year-on-year changes, quarter-on-quarter changes, and month-on-month fluctuations.
  • Identify trends in revenue over time. Ensure that CEOs focus on the production of the business by analysing productivity growth.
  • Review the percentages of years-over-year, quarters-over-quarters, and months-over-months.

How will your organization benefit from Analytics for CEO ?

  • Reducing processing time by giving structured output from unstructured business documents like invoices and business registration certificates using machine learning.
  • As a result, you will be able to focus on more high-value tasks. Integrate various intelligent technologies to experience fully/partially automated processes.
  • Reduce inefficient costs and process faster with fewer resources. Localized for business best practices .This product has been localized to incorporate local business best practices.

The Features of CEO Analytics that will benefit your company

Financial Analysis

Analyze the Profitability,Revenue,cashflow and debt/Equity which helps in assessment of the viability, stability, and profitability of a business and project

Weight Growth Analysis

Analyze the year-on-year, quarter-on-quarter and month-on-month weight growth.It also compares Weight Growth between two fiscal periods which helps managmenet to make right decisions

Amount Growth Analysis

Analyze the the year-on-year, quarter-on-quarter and month-on-month amount and its growth.

Sales Analysis

Analyze the the revenue over a fixed period of time. Comparing revenue between two fiscal periods demonstrates the rate of sales growth.

Production Analysis

Analyze the Productivity growth and helps CEO to focus on business production.

Amount Analysis

Analyze the year-on-year, quarter-on-quarter and month-on-month amount . It compares Amount between two fiscal periods which helps management to keep track of sales.

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