Goals Management

Goals Management Services optimists your business objective
across the spectrum of technical performance, business
optimization and database management

Why to Choose it?

Build, organize and collaborate using one tool for all your remote operations, Empower your workforce to collaborate, Power up your team efficiently, Transparent Scoring,Increase business performance by +20%



Scorecards are an easy way to quickly assess performance. You’re in full control to set the number of metrics and keep everyone aligned

Task Management

There is always a lot of things to do in the business and tracking your to-do list can get complicated. SAVIC task management makes it quick and easy

Self-propelled workforce

SAVIC performance rating automatically breaks targets down into daily bite-size chunks and hands out daily star ratings and incentives.

Steer behavior

Combine Targets with Gratification, AI, Incentives and Recognition and you have the tools for behavioral mechanics at your fingertips.


Always on the stack ranking of individual and team performance that you can interact with by sending your comments or “like” what you see.

Performance Management

Easy to set-up dashboards that gives every level in a team clear visibility of targets and results. Multi-layer recognition and ramification to motivate, reward and recognize your teams.