Cloud Professional Services

Enhance cloud adoption and transformation

Why to Choose it?

Organizations continue to find ways to innovate in a hybrid world of IT with shifting consumer trends. SAVIC Cloud Professional Services can help you speed up automation of the cloud, increase productivity and decrease risk and expense. To help decide the most stable and optimized cloud platform tailored to your particular business needs, we take a cloud-neutral approach.

Agile and Speedy Delivery

Accelerate the cloud journey by providing our comprehensive tools and profound experience with solutions fast.

Efficient Solutions

Maximize your investment in the cloud by simplifying processes and building an agile IT ecosystem by smooth, consistent incorporation of new technology and automation.

High Security

Ensure IP, Authentication and Compliance, and do not interfere with clients and chosen partners.

Technical Support

Our technicians and architects specialize in cloud computing and distributed storage open source applications and will assist the company any step of the way

Accredited Partner for Cloud - AWS

Open up the time to work on what you do best and encourage us to search 24/7 for your AWS environments

Accredited Partner for Cloud - Microsoft Azure

FPT Software and Microsoft partnership meets your demands fast. Deliver leading FPT Software cloud data services as your own, providing the seamless experience customers expect from the cloud