Android App Development

Whether you want to turn an idea into a business, boost your sales or scale your business – we make it simple.

Why to Choose it?

Turn heritage portfolios into scalable, modular applications that can accelerate new services’ time to market. To deliver better market cohesion, customer loyalty and return on investment for the apps, SAVIC uses cutting-edge science, robotic automation and user input.

Next Generation Application Development

Support to handle numerous and dynamic systems at reduced costs and to respond quickly to requests for new features and demanding facilities will minimize the gross running expense by up to 30%

Micro services Affinity Assessment

Identify future implementations for the introduction of micro services easily. SAVIC helps to refactor heritage software so that APIs and micro services can be used to retrieve data and commonly used features.

Application Modernization

To help market resilience, constantly modernize the apps. To analyze the application collection and determine the right path for modernization, SAVIC utilizes proprietary methodologies and tools.

Cloud Application Development

SAVIC will help you easily deliver new, personalized apps, solutions and cloud-scale contextual interactions.

Services for Enterprise Applications

SAVIC helps you to get more out of your Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP and Workday investments.

Mobile Business App Development

SAVIC designs robust smartphone applications, while also offering a robust infrastructure with maintenance & security.